How I have been upping Pippa & Paper Sustainability?

Hi everyone,

Delivered by bicycle.Hope you are doing well. I just wanted to start by saying I can always improve my sustainability and I would love to hear your ideas, so please get in touch.
I have always loved animals and nature so this is an important topic for me. To start with all the paper and card I use is either recycled or FSC Certified, which means it is responsibly sources. I also use biodegradable packaging for all my products, however please let me know if you would prefer no packaging used at all.
In the last few weeks I have started a new initiative in Bristol, called “Delivered by Bicycle”, therefore if you live local to Bristol I will personally deliver them myself (unless its a big hill, then it might be my boyfriend Tom). Hopefully helping out the posties at the minute and reducing my carbon foot print.
Thank you for reading, you’re the best!