Where do I get my inspiration for Pippa & Paper?

HI everyone,

Thank you for joining me, hope you are all doing well.

I started Pippa & Paper back in 2017, as I was developing my style I focused a lot on how to combine nature and animals together, while developing Pippa & Papers identity. This involved a lots of experimenting, with media and style, until now where I focus mainly on watercolours.

I had the opportunity of a lifetime to visit South Africa for an amazing trip. This is where Pippa & Paper really came into its own. From the the wild animals and vivid colours of Kruger National Park and the beautiful flowers meadows of the Western Cape. I found the inspiration for my new collection “On The Wild Side”. Combining the amazing wild flowers like the Barberton Daisy, Devil’s Thorn, Gazania and the king protea, with wild safari animals.

Thank you for reading, you’re the best!


XoxoAnimals in Kruger National Park.