Hello there! I’m Emily, the heart and soul behind Pippa & Paper, your go-to stop for whimsical watercolour animal illustrations. My journey began in 2017, inspired by the breathtaking beauty of South Africa during a life-changing safari adventure and the wild flower everywhere. That experience planted the seed for what would bloom into this passion project of mine. At Pippa & Paper, nestled in the creative hub of my Bristol studio, I blend the playful charm of wildlife with a touch of elegance, adorning them with flower crowns and seasonal foliage. Every piece I create, from greeting cards to prints, from stationery to totes, and even decorations, is a tribute to the vibrant pulse of nature and the fanciful dance of the imagination. For those looking to add a personal splash of artistry to their life’s biggest moments, I also specialize in commissioned work. Whether it’s the romantic flourish of wedding stationery, the warm depiction of a family home, or the delightful rendition of a beloved pet, I approach each commission with a fresh eye and a full heart, eager to capture your special memories in my unique style.

Enjoy shopping and don’t hesitate to get in touch!

With love from,

Pippa & Paper